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Porter Escapes Interstitial Animation

A loading interstitial animation I made for Porter Escapes. The brief was to create a fun-to-watch, short loop that highlighted the ease of the hotel check-in experience. This was a lot of fun to make, using Blender and modelling full-volume objects, then flattening them into overlapping transition frames.

Porter Sale Creative

At Porter, the creative team produces something like 26 assets 2-3 times a week for sale campaigns. Over the years there, I’ve done countless new creatives on an incredibly short turnaround. Here are some of my favourites.

Interactive Wall, Ottawa Airport

One of my very favourite projects while at Porter, this was a series of four touch-enabled screens (about 5′ tall each) tied together by a large print wrap, installed in our gate area at YOW. There wasn’t really a commercial objective for this project given its location, so it was 100% brand lift and my …