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The Porter Experience

This was a very fun project to collaborate on with our Digital team. I was responsible for all illustration and animation, and worked closely with them to develop transitions and layouts together, merging Blender, After Effects, Illustrator, Greensock, SVGator and HTML5 to achieve something I’m really proud of. I’ve always wanted to work on a …

Porter Escapes Interstitial Animation

A loading interstitial animation I made for Porter Escapes. The brief was to create a fun-to-watch, short loop that highlighted the ease of the hotel check-in experience. This was a lot of fun to make, using Blender and modelling full-volume objects, then flattening them into overlapping transition frames.

Porter at PanAm

Going to watch beach volleyball at PanAm in Toronto was super fun, and it was a special feeling to see all the design work I’d done for Porter’s booth there, including a fun dart board game I’d made wherein participants could try to hit Porter destinations to be entered for a free flight to one.

Street to Trail

Street to Trail is an amazing organization that I’ve been honoured to rebrand and do a lot of design work for. Thus far that work has included print collateral like stickers, postcards, banner and stationery, digital assets and web design.


Heartsparks is an amazing music therapy organization run by a dear friend in Dartmouth NS. I had the honour of creating their logo, and now and then I do some print and digital work for them.