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Porter re:view

Illustrations for the porter re:view blog that I also developed and currently maintain. These were for an article on travel tips, which included tips like: “You can’t take it all”; “Rock and roll (clothes)”; “Some things weren’t meant to fly”.

Logo + Business Card

Heartsparks is a pretty incredible music therapy company owned and run by a good friend. Anna’s one of those few people you meet who is perpetually and passionately enthusiastic about her work, and I think it really shows in the kids she works with. While I haven’t yet been lucky enough to witness them firsthand, …

Board Game Cards

Human Resources is a board game I’ve been working on with some friends. The premise is various groups of B-movie monsters (aliens, zombies, vampires, robots) fight over (mostly) helpless humans. I’ve been churning out a lot of really fun artwork for the project’s extensive decks of cards.

VNM Tent

Full wrap graphics for VNM Customs’ trade show tent. VNMC creates custom, performance apparel that blends great looking designs with quality, performance and casual clothing. Done at Blowfish Creative.

Worlds Jersey

Union won the Canadian Ultimate Championships in 2013, earning them the right to represent Canada at the World Ultimate Championships in Lecco, Italy. I was honoured to have the opportunity to design a new light jersey for them. In the end, they placed fifth and the Canadian ultimate community is very proud of them. Union …

Colouring Books

A children’s antibiotic compliance program for Metro and FoodBasics Pharmacies that includes a sticker completion chart and incentive colouring book giveaway. In very short time, I was tasked with coming up with the entire book’s contents, layout, illustration and cover, as well as the illustrations for the germ stickers. Done at Blowfish Creative.